Summary of Learning

The past six weeks have flown by and have been filled with thought provoking conversations. I really enjoyed the debate format and learned so much from hearing both sides of each topic. This class pushed me to examine and challenge my opinions and for that I have Alec and all of you to thank!

I was really hoping to try a new tool to create my summary of learning and had my mind made up about using VideoScribe. I watched all the how to videos and was ready to begin creating. However, I did not leave myself enough time to be able to play around with it and I found I was getting frustrated as features were not working the way I wanted them to. I have heard great things about it and love how the final product turns out. It’s not that it was difficult to use, it was just finicky and I was in a time crunch as I wanted to be sure I met the due date and have a final product I was proud of. After some time invested, I decided to abandon VideoScribe and went back to a tool I was familiar with, WeVideo. I wanted to make it look a bit different than just using all of the stock images so I also used Canva and Google Slides to create backgrounds and other images. I am pleased with how it turned out!


One thought on “Summary of Learning

  1. Dean Vendramin June 19, 2020 / 11:19 pm

    It did turn out great … looked better professional Your SOL was vet effective and I agree totally with you especially on the points about these debates come back too promoting digital citizenship (which I feel is part of simply citizenship) and that this course allows one to become a better educator (I’d also say parent and citizen). Appreciate all you bring to the class. Thank you.


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